1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: America Is Perpetually at War with Its Own People

From the war on drugs to the war on terror, law enforcement’s battle against minorities serves as pacification.

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Police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes extrajudicially killed at least 313 African-Americans in 2012 according to a recent study. This means a black person was killed by a security officer every 28 hours. The report notes that it’s possible that the real number could be much higher.

The report, entitled “Operation Ghetto Storm”, was performed by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an antiracist grassroots activist organization. The organization has chapters in Atlanta, Detroit, Fort Worth-Dallas, Jackson, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, and Washington, D.C. It has a history of organizing campaigns against police brutality and state repression in black and brown communities. Their study’s sources included police and media reports along with other publicly available information. Last year, the organization published a similar study showing that a black person is killed by security forces every 36 hours. However, this study did not tell the whole story, as it only looked at shootings from January to June 2012. Their latest study is an update of this.



Following Ferguson: Asian Americans Can Choose ‘Invisibility, Complicity, or Resistance’



Communities of color have unique experiences that should not be equated with one another. People of color in the U.S. all live amidst white supremacy, but not everyone lives as targets of anti-blackness. Jung argues that Asian Americans have three options: “invisibility, complicity, or resistance.”

5 Terrifying Facts About Undocumented Asian Americans

4) Over 250,000 Asian American immigrants have been deported under the Obama Administration.

In total, there has been a record breaking 2 million deportations since Obama’s presidency — averaging about 1,000 people a day. Under current immigration laws, deported immigrants are not allowed to re-enter the country. Not only does this split up families and disrupt their economic stability, it becomes nearly impossible for families to visit each other if their children have undocumented status.


The Art Made by Japanese Americans in Internment Camps

Bellevue Arts Museum Exhibits Objects Made from Scraps by People Enduring the Unendurable

The Art Made by Japanese Americans in Internment Camps

images Courtesy of Delphine Hirasuna

WATERCOLOR BY AN UNKNOWN PRISONER Painted on the back sides of two taped-together evacuation notices sent from the Western Defense Command to Japanese Americans at their homes.

SCISSORS Made from scrap metal by Akira Oye.

PINS Made from scrap wood, paint, and metal by Himeko Fukuhara, Kazuko Matsumoto, and o


Palestinians tweet tear gas advice to protesters in Ferguson

The use of tear gas by police in Ferguson has led to Palestinian Twitter users expressing their solidarity with US demonstrators

A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri...A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson

A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri…A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson Photo: Reuters

On Being Fat, Brown, Femme, Ugly, and Unloveable


Romantic love, as we understand it, is a colonial construct. It is an all-consuming, possessive, lifelong, monogamous endeavor that works to sustain capitalism and white supremacist heteropatriarchy via the nuclear family. We are told that this romantic love is essential, shaping it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Were we to sustain ourselves on self-love, platonic love, and love of community, what could change? We could see the beauty of our interdependence, rather than individuals competing for higher wages and standards of living at the expense of each other. The formation of families, rather than communities, creates hierarchies of which people are worthy and deserving of our attention, protection and devotion. With a restructuring of romantic love as comparable to community/platonic/self-love, we begin to prioritize the care and livelihood of entire larger groups of people as equally important as our romantic partner/s.

A Complete Guide to ‘Hipster Racism’

well said, white woman.

There’s been a lot of talk these last couple of weeks about “hipster racism” or “ironic racism”—or, as I like to call it, racism. It’s, you know, introducing your black friend as “my black friend”—as a joke!!!—to show everybody how totally not preoccupied you are with your black friend’s blackness. It’s the gentler, more clueless, and more insidious cousin of a hick in a hood; the domain of educated, middle-class white people (like me—to be clear, I am one of those) who believe that not wanting to be racist makes it okay for them to be totally racist. “But I went to college — I can’t be racist!” Turns out, you can.


It Is Time We Treat Police Brutality as a National Crisis

Lot of good thoughts in this piece. I always thought Gawker was a tabloid thing. This piece at least is full of critical thought, history and links to move forward on the critical issue of police behaving like police. Still I wish it was a newspaper.

A discussion of police “brutality” implies that officers are breaking a social contract when they use violence as they did in the instances you both mentioned. In reality, the use of violence is simply a part of officers effectively executing their role. We treat these instances of “brutality” like the exception to the rule but if, like Mychal is saying, this is hardly the exception and is in fact the process by which we keep white as more powerful, then “brutality” is clearly a tactic.