When Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Athletes

When athletes like Richard Sherman believe that “all lives matter,” one has to wonder, where are our present-day Kareem Abdul-Jabbars?

“The onus is decidedly not on the victims who are being triple-victimized in such an equation: first by the actual racism and criminal behavior committed against them; then by the psychological scars left by said crimes and racism; and finally by the humiliation of having to be the ones to make “allowances,” in the face of sickness, evil and injustice. That’s not turning the other cheek; it’s burying the whole head in the sand. It’s wanting the basic right to be left alone and finding the only way to do so is not to leave your home. A life of “allowances” for racism becomes an ignoble series of concessions in a nation that claims to encourage—at least on the surface—individuality, daring and boldness.”

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