Interview with Joshua Allen: Bending Towards Freedom: Queer Abolitionist Histories & Black Femmehood

What I’m saying is love yourself enough to be transformed, love others enough to believe in their ability to be transformed. Love is not like a liberal politic, even though liberals want to steal it. Love is an abolitionist politic and that’s so important.
Posted Apr 06, 2016

Hapas Soon to Be the Majority in the Japanese American Community

Hapas Soon to Be the Majority in the Japanese American Community

AsAmNews, News Report, Louis Chan, Posted: Apr 06, 2016

“It’s important to remember that mixed Japanese Americans are by no means all Japanese/White. Japanese Americans have very diverse marriage patterns in terms of race and ethnicity, so many hapas are Japanese/Chinese or Japanese/Chicano or Japanese/Jewish, or Japanese/Black/Native Hawaiian, etc. etc.



White People Have No Place In Black Liberation.

White People Have No Place In Black Liberation.

By Kevin Rigby Jr. and Hari Ziyad

Therefore, white people should move comfortably in neither Black spaces nor white spaces. Even those who are well-meaning should drive themselves into the ground trying to figure out how to occupy a positive whiteness—because it is impossible. Only in this frenzy, when the sense of order that is critical to whiteness turns to chaos in every place, can the motivation to destroy it overcome the compulsion to reform it.

Extended interview with Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander, legal scholar, human rights activist, and author of a recent essay in the Nation titled, “Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote,” joins Chris Hayes to talk about the presidential campaign, criminal justice, race, and the Democratic Party.

STUDY: Nation’s Largest Public Schools Have More Police Than Counselors

A new report found that three of America’s largest school districts invest more in policing students than in helping them.

CONCERNING VIOLENCE – Lauryn Hill Narrated Colonialism Documentary