Loving White People Won’t Fix Racism

This piece is slightly dated but still worthwhile. As the constant consumers of pop culture that we are it’s always refreshing to get a swift kick in the butt. We wish it was so easy so bad but don’t drink that fucking kool-aid.
Written by Stacey Patton
Common, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, and Stephen A. Smith have prescribed ways to heal racism. It boils down to this: Let Black people do the work. –
The real problem is that rather than addressing racism, much of the focus is on how Black people react to racism and the nature of the conversation—as if that is the problem and not the result. This moves the daily and historical struggles of African Americans from the center of the conversation to reassure White people that their privilege and entitlements are safe and secure, that they will neither be blamed for racism, nor held responsible for addressing it. It is blackness itself that is identified as the root cause of the problem: Black skin, Black identity, Black history, Black reality, Black people breathing. And they all want to make it go away.

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