Let’s talk about sex (and race, and gender, and intersectionality): An interview with N’jaila Rhee

By Esther Wang March 23, 2015 |

N’jaila Rhee is many things — a writer; a phone sex operator, web cam girl, and former exotic dancer; a nerd; and a self-described “Blasian bitch.”

I think reminding people that sex workers are people, especially in progressive spaces, is really important. I see it as activism because in all the spaces I am, even though they’re super progressive, there’ll be times where somebody is like, why is that an issue? And I would have to tell them, you think it’s not an issue because you don’t see sex work as work. Or you’re not thinking about sex workers as human beings, wanting to be paid for their labor, or human beings that want to make their way in the world in the way they choose with their bodies.


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