Confronting the Rhetoric of “Black on Black Crime”: A Response to Derailing Strategies

Monday, 09 March 2015 11:04 By Xhercis Méndez, The Feminist Wire | Op-Ed

So the question is, how do we get the conversation back on the table in the face of these derailing strategies? Here is where we can use a multiplicity of concerns and communities to our collective advantage. The issue of state sanctioned violence vis-à-vis the police and its increasing militarization is both a local as well as an international issue (e.g., Palestine or the recent case in Mexico where local police disappeared 43 students). While I do not pretend to have a clear sense of how coalitional organizing can take shape globally, I can say that we stand to gain from identifying linkages (not to be confused with commonalities) between the various targeted communities at both local and global scales. On a local level, we see that in addition to Black communities, other targets of police violence include but are not limited to immigrants, Latinos presumed to be illegal or criminal, poor white folks, impoverished people more generally, transgender, queer and gender non-conforming folks, anyone identified as Muslim post-911, the mentally ill, the homeless, the disabled, and the list goes on.

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