“Which side are you on?”: #Asians4BlackLives confronts anti-black prejudice in Asian communities

As some Asians condemn Officer Liang’s indictment in the shooting of a black man, #Asians4BlackLives calls foul

"Which side are you on?": #Asians4BlackLives confronts anti-black prejudice in Asian communities

By participating in the #BlackLivesMatter movement specifically as Asian Americans, the group has tried to put forward a model of black-Asian solidarity that runs counter to the “model minority myth” that has served to separate the two groups for decades. (As I’ve written in the past, the model minority myth is a tool of racism that uses Asian American success to disprove the existence of racism against African-Americans.) But in turning from protests against police brutality to outreach at the Chinese New Year parade, #Asians4BlackLives is refocusing its energies on confronting the ongoing existence of anti-black prejudice within many Asian immigrant communities.


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