Is it still Interracial dating when you’re mixed?

Much more enlightening than all the other interracial nonsense that has been popping up in my google alerts.

Fortunately for me, I was immersed in a loving community of Asian Americans as early as kindergarten. Outside of my immediate family, the most influential people in my young life were my Thai American best friend (26 years together now, and counting) and my Korean American dance teacher, a strong, handsome man who never raised his voice, showered me with love as if I were his own daughter, and taught me I should always reach across to open the car door for a man whenever he opens mine.

Sounds awesome. Gets better.

The reality for mixed race folks like me in 2015 is this: Navigating the stigmas and challenges of “interracial dating” has always been different for us. Despite the awkward stares that persist today and the weight of the history that called our own parents’ love criminal, we have never stopped searching for our like-minded cultural fit.

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