Young Artists Creatively Protest Against Police Brutality


Chicagoist: How do you feel about the criticisms from people who say the movement is going away, and that they’re tired of hearing about the killings?

KC: For those folks that are tired of hearing about it—and this is one of the things that we said in the establishments that we were asked to leave [Monday]—If you believe that an act of protest and civil disobedience in response to police violence is an inconvenience, and you’re tired of hearing about it—imagine what it’s like living it every day. The fact that, we could not get through the entire list of names of un-armed black people that have been killed because there are more people being added to the list, so no. The movement can’t go away until the problem goes away. If folks are upset or inconvenienced, they’re gonna have to continue to be inconvenienced because it is unacceptable for black people to be dying by the scores at the hands of the people that are paid to protect their communities. So, I don’t really have a whole lot of empathy for folks who want to remain silent and complacent.


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