The Logic Behind Dan Bongino and Rudy Giuliani’s Accusations of ‘Race Hustling’

Posted: 01/07/2015 1:58 pm EST

American cultural logic tells us that if we work hard, we will succeed. American cultural logic also tell us that all people are created equal, and many white people fall back on this logic to convince themselves that everything they have is the result of their own hard work, and that since all people are created equal, not succeeding is a result of one’s own failure, or the failure of one’s collective community. This narrative conveniently rejects the implications of the history of race relations, and why wouldn’t it? Reinforcing this narrative is the fact that we have a Black president (who is half white, but of course we conveniently ignore that fact so that we can be proud of ourselves as Americans for having come a long way by electing a Black president), so political pundits and talking heads can rest on a willfully faulty “post-racial America” ideology where anything is possible for anybody regardless of race, class, and circumstance. To think otherwise would contradict the historical progress of the American value system and delegitimize one’s achievements in life. This logic is what makes Rudy Giuliani so comfortable with pointing to perceived deficiencies in Black culture to distract from the killing of Black unarmed youth by white officers. This is what makes his conclusion that all roads lead to Black-on-Black crime appear rational. This logic, however, is not restricted to white Americans only; Black Americans (see Charles Barkley, Ben Carson and others) rest on this cultural logic as well. Their logic oftentimes looks more like, “I am Black. I made it. Why cant they?”

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