The Real Problem With “The Interview” Is Its Racism, Not Its Satire

Written by

Maxine Builder

Once again, fuck this movie and fuck Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Amid all the real world drama, it is important to separate the movie’s relatively serviceable political satire from recycled, racist routines. Most of the celebrity reaction to the movie’s cancellation has been outrage and disappointment, that the North Koreans wonbecause the less than favorable treatment of their Dear Leader was ultimately censored. But many of the jokes in The Interview are at the expense of well-worn Asian stereotypes, and the movie’s humor relies heavily on one-dimensional depictions of Asians that abound in American media that add little to the satire itself. As a Korean-American woman, I found the movie’s orientalism more offensive than any satirical depiction of Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean government.

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