Making Asian American Women Visible: The Joy Luck Club

I’ve never seen this movie but the kid who co-authored this article is in high school and he builds robots. Way to smash the patriarchy and reinforce a stereotype. Just kidding kid. When I was your age, I was smashing beer bottles on my head and reinforcing internalized racism. Kuddos to you young sir.

Stories like Lindo’s emphasize that a woman’s life matters. It reminds us that women do not have to succumb to patriarchy and fear. Women can break open from their confining pasts and soar into empowering futures. They do not have to be bound by patriarchal cultural expectations and can redefine and remake their own lives. Lindo shows that even thousands of years of patriarchy and domination cannot hold a woman’s dream down and confine her to her home. Instead, women have come a long way to freedom and women will continue to be liberated from within.

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