A Minute With: Gugu Mbatha-Raw on women in music, facade of fame

Questions, plural: Do you love love? Do you love to see love on a big screen allowing you a larger view of other people’s intimate lives? Do you believe people other than white people have romantic lives and love each other in exciting and complex ways? Do you love to see a movie by the same director who made Love & Basketball! How about music? Police? Shit, I knew it couldn’t last. Take a chill pill dude. It’s a movie, obviously cops aren’t handsome or as capable as the guy in the movie. Pretend he’s a firefighter in the wrong uniform. That’s what I’m gonna do because I love love more than I hate cops (re: hate).

A: “Beyond the Lights” really is not about race. I think people endow their own cultural experience, but to me it’s not a story about race, it’s a love story and it’s universal. What is more interesting, what I do think those projects share, is the issue of identity. I think that in many ways is a broader term not just for a racial identity, but also your relationship with yourself and your acceptance of yourself.


More on this film from Tavis Smiley and the Director, Gina Prince-Bythewood.


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