White parents sue sperm bank over mixed-race baby

This is like some form of pay it forward reparations.

When a lesbian couple in the US saw the colour of their newborn baby’s skin, they blamed the sperm bank. Now they’re suing the sperm provider for $50,000 for giving them sperm from a different ethnicity to that requested. They wanted a white child, but the little girl, who is now 24 months old, was born with black skin.

The two mothers, Jennifer and Amanda, are keen to stress that this is not racism. They are claiming such a large amount only in order to safeguard the baby’s future, which, they argue, because of her skin colour, may be less promising and more complicated than that of her white peers.

“When we decided to have a baby, we really wanted a donor with genetic traits similar to ours,” the mothers explain to The New Yorker. They are very concerned about possible discrimination towards the child, called Payton. For example, they are obliged to go to African neighbourhoods to get her hair cut. Experts consulted by one of the mothers have even recommended moving to a predominantly black neighbourhood in order to minimise the stigma and facilitate the child’s integration.

It’s a peculiar case of parents having to face up to what The New Yorker calls their “fears, anxieties and uncertainties related to raising a child with a skin colour they did not ask for”.


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