A Brief History of Political Collaborations between Latinos and Asians in America

You were saying, “Because we are a nation that values diversity”. And then I was like, “you had me until you said, ‘because we are a nation that values diversity'”. And then I read this article about how diversity people have had to struggle together for like throughout US past, present and future to gain dignity and wages from non-diversity people. You know what I mean?
Rather than emphasize differences between Latinos and Asians in America, we should remember the solidarity demonstrated by both groups throughout American history continuing to today. The process of pan-ethnic solidarity will not always be easy given the diversity and heterogeneity across and among both communities, but we should keep in mind our common problems and goals. Together, we should transform the view of our people as perpetual foreigners in a land we have helped build and enrich. We should fight against the stigmatization of our cultures and discrimination against our people. In continuing to mobilize together, we will spread greater hope and optimism about the future of race relations in the U.S.  –

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