The Problem with Massive Cash Payments from Police Departments

Why you trying to trust the system VICE? People and their families should at least get paid when they get killed or abused. I don’t know if you read your article or not but police have a patterned history of kicking the shit out of POC. It’s unlikely redirected tax payer money is going to change that.

The Denver Post recently estimated that the city has paid out nearly $13 million over the past decade in settlements involving misconduct from the police and sheriff’s departments—and that number doesn’t include the nearly $10 million they’ve been ordered to shell out in the last few months. This follows a trend seen in other law enforcement agencies around the country. Chicago has paid nearly half a billion dollars over the last ten years, and New York has paid a similar amount over the last five.

But do massive payouts actually make people trust the system, or just remind us of all the awful things cops have been up to lately while normalizing the process of making amends after law enforcement crosses a line?

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