‘A Chosen Exile’: Black People Passing In White America

IMG_3698This is a page from a book. Called Zora and Me. The story touches on passing. The lady who passes is named Gold. But it also has this amazing line in it. The last sentence of the first paragraph. Summed up. The book is super dope. It’s written by two black women. There’s only a few white characters in it. It’s set in the South. There’s talk of Magic. Danger. Friendship. Lots of Love. It’s also based on a real life person Zora Neale Hurston. I have ten pages left to read and I’m saving them because I don’t want to ever finish it. Added bonus, it’s a young adult book so as a person who once was a young adult I don’t need a dictionary by my side to read it.


Dr. Albert Johnston passed in order to practice medicine. After living as leading citizens in Keene, N.H., the Johnstons revealed their true racial identity, and became national news.



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