A Seattle sign language interpreter wants to end police brutality against the deaf

I do stupid shit frequently enough. But I don’t have a militarized arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons and a license to kill with impunity and a mindset that I can solve other peoples problems by treating them as sub- human threats and an entire media campaign convincing people of my indispensability and a bunch of people trying to save their lives by training me to not do stupid shit so frequently.

Know Police. Know Brutality. No Police. Significantly Less Brutality.


The charges were eventually dropped, but Colleen says deaf people are all too often assaulted by police officers who misinterpret sign language for gang signs and deafness for defiance. After her friend LaShonn’s incident, Colleen started her non-profit, Signing For Safety, and on October 1 she will leave on a cross-country trip to educate police officers at 54 police stations, from Washington to Virginia and down to Florida.

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