The Problem with Massive Cash Payments from Police Departments

Why you trying to trust the system VICE? People and their families should at least get paid when they get killed or abused. I don’t know if you read your article or not but police have a patterned history of kicking the shit out of POC. It’s unlikely redirected tax payer money is going to change that.

The Denver Post recently estimated that the city has paid out nearly $13 million over the past decade in settlements involving misconduct from the police and sheriff’s departments—and that number doesn’t include the nearly $10 million they’ve been ordered to shell out in the last few months. This follows a trend seen in other law enforcement agencies around the country. Chicago has paid nearly half a billion dollars over the last ten years, and New York has paid a similar amount over the last five.

But do massive payouts actually make people trust the system, or just remind us of all the awful things cops have been up to lately while normalizing the process of making amends after law enforcement crosses a line?

ingredients of love

bh Well, it seems to me that all healing is the work of love, because all healing takes place in a context where we wish to promote growth. We wish to engage the organism in ways that people grow stronger. I find myself telling people that my wish for the rest of my life is that all the work I do would be about healing. I want people to heal. My concern is always to link those practices of healing with practices of political resistance.

Facing Race Spotlight: Arts Activist Ken Chen

A lot of times, racial justice programs are often about liberal accommodation like, “How can we get into the elevator to go into the hierarchy?” With [AAWW], we ask how an alternative art space can imagine a version of Asian-American identity that’s weird, that’s different, that’s avant-garde in aesthetic and radical in politics. Something [we’ve] thought about a lot is how we can use more reflective, introspective interior modes like writing, poetry and fiction, and how they can be brought into the social justice movement.

Women are still terrified of reporting rape


The cultural context that we live in also plays a role in discouraging the reporting of rape, along with adequate penalties for rapists. Men convicted of rape are often pitied in the media and, like Evans, quickly vault back to positions of fame. When US National Football League player, Ray Rice, viciously beat his fiancé unconscious, the media circulated a video to feed the public’s morbid curiosity. When men kill their partners, (twice a week in the UK) the world forgets the woman victim’s name as in the case of Reeva Steenkamp.

Next Time Someone Says ‘White Privilege Isn’t Real,’ Show Them This

Cuz some douche bag is totally gonna listen to this confusing graph.

white mobility

But opportunities for success are clearly not that simple, for a host of reasons: The myriad legacies of slavery and Jim Crow, decades of racist housing policies, educational disparities, employment discrimination, and a race-fueled War on Drugs.

Pinoy Abroad » News Pioneer Fil-Am actress, labor leader Sumi Sevilla Haru dies

The pioneer Filipino-American actress and labor rights advocate famously refused to play a maid or a dragon lady or any role that stereotypes Asian American and other women of color.  She picketed and blasted productions starring European performers as Asians where roles were unavailable to Asian Americans.