What Bill O’Reilly gets wrong about Asian Americans

But let’s put all that aside for a minute. Let’s say that I’m being “too sensitive.” Let’s say that my experience is an anomaly rather than a trend. Even so, the statistics that O’Reilly cites are misleading. The first mistake is equating all “Asians” under the same umbrella. “Asian” covers many different ethnic groups. Cambodians, Hmongs and Laotians are considered “Asian,” but statistically, among all ethnic groups, they underperform academically. They have the highest rates of not completing high school. They have the lowest rates of completing college. They have the highest rates of receiving public assistance. And they are the least likely, of all ethnic groups, to be homeowners. The overarching Asian label trivializes the real problems that sub-groups face. An entire continent’s descendants should not be lumped into the same category, when so many are suffering from inequities.


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