“the next macklemore” !?

I can’t figure out if it’s fucked up how Asian rappers “act black” or if they’re just a part of hip hop culture like everyone else. It seems so awkward to see Asian rappers. But how are they different than Eminem? I guess they’re not as lyrically gifted just more ethnically advantaged. It seems like the discussion of race within hip hop is different than within the larger w.s.c.p. culture. More POC do that. Have you ever been in a room full of POC and heard the conversations about race? Oh my god it’s magical. I feel like a special fairy with special super powers in those spaces. Anyways, Asians in hip hop? Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. None of this will matter in 2042 anyhow.



And I just wish I danced like this as a young person.


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