Chip Review #2

photo(4)Japanese really like to individually wrap everything. It’s like they think everything is a fucking condom. What’s with the Japanese psyche that makes them do that?These crackers come in a bag all individually wrapped. I guess it makes each cracker special. (But we know that’s not true right poc, wink wink) They wrap wrappers. Hey, Japan don’t you even know what a carbon footprint is! Gosh! Do I even know what the extent of the Empire of the Sun is? Darn! I have been learning this lesson for years. But you gotta separate the people from the government right? Unless you get mad at the people for not standing up to the government and being like “psst, please knock that shit off government”.

One day I was at a May Day rally in Seattle. It was like 2006 or something. Whichever one where there was like tens of thousands of people clogging the street. It had to do with a big immigrant rights focus that year. It was amazing. I forget how great it feels to be part of a mob of people taking the streets over because injustice exists. At the end of this march we are downtown like by Seattle Center and we come up on some commotion. People are getting heated, yelling across the street at a small group of people who are being guarded by police. Here you are correct to assume that these people are espousers of hate speech because that’s generally the only people who get superb police protection in these instances. Upon closer investigation I see the small group of people with signs. The signs say things like, Illegal Aliens are murderers and have pictures of brown peoples faces saying they killed children and some other stuff I won’t try to remember. Suffice to say it was ugly. The people are all white. They’re all young. And they all kinda look like coffee house hipster folks. They’re like the new cool generation of white supremacy. Re-marketed for the liberals of the northwest. They’re also getting berated by an increasingly large group of people from the May Day rally. And these people who are berating them, they’re all POC of course.

Naturally I feel compelled to get in the mix. The small group of white people aren’t saying anything. No responses to the people yelling at them or trying to engage them in other ways. Stone faced to the bone face. They just hold their signs with the knowledge that they are better than the nasty riff raff of color around them. The May Day people try to surround the small group and block their signs with their larger immigrant rights signs. The cops continue to push people back and bark noises. Finally, one of the small group of white people breaks rank and gets into a heated conversation. He can’t take it anymore. People who don’t hate the way he hates are so ignorant and he must tell them so. He goes in on some severely warped version of history and yada yada. The whole situation is becoming really dumb. In hindsight everything is 20/20, the only correct outcome would’ve been for the police to arrest themselves and the small group of white people to empty their bank accounts and give all their money to the courageous people who came out with their families to protest racist immigration policies and behaviors.

This whole time I’ve singled out a police man who is brown and Asian looking. I start talking to him about why are you defending these idiots who hate you and don’t give a shit about you. I start to explain to him how I’m part Japanese and internment camps and assimilation and Hiroshima and gooks and chinks and Vincent Chin. He does a really good job ignoring me and all the incoherent ideas I’m trying to articulate. While this is happening the small group of white people slowly start to leave with police on bikes escorts. It’s weird how it dissolves so quickly. But before it dissolves completely my POC police bud turns to me and says, “I’m Filipino and you’re Japanese people occupied and murdered my people during WWII”. And he turned and left. Holy shit. “b,b,but that was the empire of Japan not the people of Japan”, I whimper as he walks away. Damn. Stumped by The Man again.

Really though what I took away from that whole incident was why were all the people who were protesting the young white supremacists all brown? Shouldn’t it be the good white people of conscious out there taking the heat for them. Like being an ally and not making brown people interact with the police and put themselves in further jeopardy than they already are by just being brown at a May Day rally? Come on crackers. Get out of those wrappers and get in the damn struggle.

Anyway, I know these crackers aren’t officially chips but since I’m the official reviewer of chips I’ll let me slide on this one. Only because these crackers really set the bar for my texture preference. It’s like I didn’t know what real texture was until I ate these crackers. Everything before these crackers was cheese whiz. Its like sugar in tea. It’s like my sister always says, “like em, you’ll try em”.


Surprised? Even Poor Whites Have It Better Than Blacks

A 25-year study of blacks and whites in Baltimore finds that income status can be an equalizer, but race does make a difference.

Posted: July 10 2014 3:00 AM

Boarded up row houses in east Baltimore, three blocks north of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dec. 2, 2003


For 25 years, a group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University tracked 800 mostly low-income schoolchildren from Baltimore from the start of first grade until they were just shy of 30 years old. In one of the very few projects to compare and contrast the lives of poor black and poor white kids, the researchers interviewed the youngsters, their parents and teachers, checking in with them regularly over the years. What the sociologists found was disheartening: The long-held truism that education trumps social class didn’t hold up. The children who were born poor tended to stay poor—no matter their race.

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In case you don’t read the actual article read this because this is brilliant and helpful:

Ross’s reaction seemed like a textbook case of what cultural studies professor Robin DiAngelo calls “white fragility” when it comes to talking about race. In a nutshell, the theory goes that because white people in North America can move through the world without thinking about race, their mental muscles are severely atrophied on that subject. “White fragility,” she writes, “is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.” White people who don’t make a point to think about race very much can collapse under the slightest weight of a racially stressful situation.

The Problem with The Mikado

Why Are People So Worked Up About This Year’s Production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Comic Opera?

The Problem with The Mikado

Patrick Andre

THE MIKADO Nobody’s been upset in the past, so…?

Beyond What?

Look around you, the exhibit seems to say, and you’ll find an Indian-American.

The Ghosh Family at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, c. 1970

Model Minority Rage: Why the Hulk Should Be an Asian Guy

Really tho, that Melo billboard was so wack attack.

Model Minority Rage: Why the Hulk Should Be an Asian Guy.

But stereotypes like this reflect what I like to call (appropriately enough) “Goldilocks racism;” it’s not that African Americans get a “negative” stereotype and Asian Americans a “positive” one, it’s that both stereotypes represent unhealthy extremes on a spectrum with white Americans presumed to occupy the “normal,” desirable middle.

But it would be even better if, like my white peers, I got to pick between being passionate and emotional or being rational and practical based on how I personally felt instead of being pigeonholed.


The Clippers are a strange organization

Who is running shit over there? Sterling is suing his wife because he’s a racist moneybags. Doc Rivers is not being sexist and giving this woman a chance she deserves based on merit. I don’t get it.


Nakase, the Clippers’ assistant video coordinator, is trying to earn credibility in the coaching profession the same way: by proving her worth. She landed a spot as an assistant coach on the Clippers’ bench during the two-week N.B.A. Summer League here, a first according to the Clippers and a step toward her goal of becoming an N.B.A. coach — something no woman has ever accomplished.

Meanwhile, ha ha potato salad. Whatever.

I am writing you today to ask that you assist me in acquiring some white privilege. Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed to have “cheated” my way into programs for gifted children AND college (via affirmative action), to having my natural hair viewed as unprofessional amongst professional peers, to having people make negative assumptions about my competency level, interests, and job knowledge, to being viewed as naturally dangerous or threatening, my lack of white privilege has created numerous obstacles as I’ve struggled to successfully compete in a white dominated workforce. I am hoping that, through this campaign, I will begin to make some headway towards closing the gap that white privilege has created in my life.

Race cards vroom vroom

You know people complain so much about racism but I’m like then why is Hercules and the POTUS black?

Yellowface staging of ‘Mikado’ has to end

An opera production of
By Jeff Yang
updated 11:18 AM EDT, Thu July 17, 2014

There’s a term for this kind of racial costuming: Yellowface. It’s a phenomenon that seems to be resurgent.

We saw it in Katy Perry’s geisha-inspired performance at the American Music Awards in November, in a January episode of the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” and a month later, in the opening sketch of the venerable comedy program “Saturday Night Live.”

Each time, the use of yellowface has been defended as loving homage or harmless parody. Each time, when Asian-Americans have pointed out that we don’t find the wearing of cosmetics and wardrobe to simulate Asian appearance to be “loving” or “harmless,” our concerns have been dismissed.

Which is why, despite my deep personal love of musical theater, I think these “traditional” productions — yellowface productions — of “The Mikado” have to end.

Our Enemies In Blue by Kristian Williams

Freeway incident raises questions on how police interact with public

“In my experience with videos, they’re not the whole story,” Meyer said. “Everyone would agree that just viewing someone punching someone else is not a pretty thing to see. But we need to figure out what happened. Why did it happen? And was it legally justified?”

This is the mindset of a psychopath.