The best time of the year.

How cool is this tumblr blog thing? He likes drawing and basketball! The Joakim Noah ones are fun as heck. So listen, Saturday is the first day of the rest of my life because the NBA Playoffs are beginning. I know some people don’t care. It’s actually very hard for me to understand that some people choose not to witness the artistry and greatness and suspense that is about to be unleashed over the next several weeks, all culminating in one glorious final between the Mavericks and the Bulls, but hey that’s what capitalism is all about. So I just wanted to say like a little prayer or something and hold everyone’s hand while we acknowledge and give thanks to basketball and all the people who are super good at it and provide such unbelievable entertainment. Thank you basketball heads all around the world. I love you like a lot. But not quite in the bell hooks sense of the word. More on that later.

Goosebumps from a CGI commercial? Seriously me?

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