Know Police Know Brutality

I’ve been meaning to write something in-depth about cops for a while. Like a decade or so. You know force myself to say something more articulate than just- God I hate cops! They are the fucking worst! Make myself read Our Enemies In Blue so I can back up my disgust with historical facts. Compile a lists of mundanely horrific examples of past and present police behavior. Make some propaganda choosing from the endless stream of images of cops brutalizing people of color.  Listen to some Rage Against The Machine or Ice-T while I do it. And as privilege would have it, I have lots of time to do those things and be righteously pissed about it. Meanwhile, however, they keep trudging forward in their ruthless pursuit of to protect and serve.

How does one stand up under so many layers of oppression?

This Happened: Detroit Cop Responding to Domestic Violence Call Charged With Raping Victim

by Abby Zimet

Detroit police officer Deon Nunlee, 40, was charged on three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of assault with intent to penetrate, and one count of misconduct while on duty after he allegedly raped a woman who called 911 saying her boyfriend had assaulted her. At the home, Nunlee took the woman upstairs while his partner stayed downstairs with the boyfriend. He denied the charge but was arrested when a positive DNA test came back from a rape kit; he has been put on desk duty, but not fired, because innocent until proven guilty etc. Nunlee is the third Detroit cop charged this month with misconduct, though he definitely wins the grossly dubious prize.

“I’m troubled,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. “This is not what our police officers do.” (except sometimes)


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